Decorating your home can be overwhelming. Many times we struggle to find our style. We are here to help make your home feel fresh and new without breaking the bank or throwing out your furniture and decorations you already own. In this blog post, we will give 4 things to focus on while you making your home look new and fresh again!

Color & Texture

Color communicates emotion, style, and interest. When making your space feel new and fresh, it is important to note what color you would like to be the accent or focal point? We recommend having one color that appears in the room more than others and that the other colors in the room are fairly neutral.  Consider choosing a color that accents will easily match with. For example, do you like having plants as decorations in your home? Consider using sage as an accent color that you incorporate in pillows, vases, and throw blankets. We recommend looking at your living space as it is. What color appears most? From there, find a color that is present and you like and go with it.

However, the opposite is true with texture. We recommend having 2-4 different textures throughout your space to give unique dimensional illusions as well as character. When it comes to textures, variety is important to incorporate through your space. Consider a sleek texture, a woven texture, and a soft texture that balance nicely together. These will give your space a fresh new look that you are sure to love! A few of our favorite textures are rod iron, woven wicker/seagrass, wood- stained and rustic, and ceramic. Have fun when you are putting these fun accents in your home!

Size & Placement

Another key element that is important to incorporate in decorations is a variety of shapes and sizes with a consistent style. What do we mean by that? Various sizes provide variety and interest to space. When selecting sizes, consider the space in which it will be occupying. Are you placing the decor on a small shelf, entertainment center or coffee table? All of these factors are important to think about when making your space feel new and fresh. Our recommendation is to balance the decorations. What do we mean by that? Each setting (if room provides) should have a short /small item with a tall/large item.  Remember to keep this proportional to the furniture piece.

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