John Dykhouse – Cabinet Finisher

  • John has been painting and finishing for 42 years as of 2018
  • John started into his career years ago because of his interest in finishing wood.  He’ll tell you that after about two months of doing it he said, “It quickly became a passion”.
  • John has been married to his wife Joan for 43 years as of 2018, and they’ve been together for about 46.  He still buys her flowers on their “first date” anniversary.
  • John and Joan have two adult children.
  • When John isn’t working in the shop, you’ll find him hunting, fishing, and playing a little golf to relax.
  • John retired once already in his finishing career, but he couldn’t stand sitting still; and figured he still had a lot to give in life.  He said he’d like to pass down all the years of knowledge that he has to another person that would like to get into this profession.  You’ll typically find John coming into work in the morning with a coffee mug in his hand, a big smile on his face and an upbeat “Good Morning!” whenever he walks into the shop.