Scot Van Dam – Cabinet Builder, Shop Supervisor

  • Scot has been involved in the building industry for 25 years as of 2018
  • Scot has been married to his wife Missy for 16 years as of 2018, and they have twin daughters.
  • If you ask Scot what drew him into carpentry field, he’ll tell you, “I got into construction probably due to my grandpa Nyland.  He always liked to tinker with building and cabinetry.  He let me help him as a kid with projects and I really enjoyed it.  When I got older it felt natural to pursue a career in construction.”.  If you asked Scot, he’d be able to show you his grandpa’s hammer that hangs on the wall to this day behind his desk at home.
  • Scot owned his own business for 19 years and is a Licensed Michigan Contractor, which gives him a ton of background when thinking through the build and design of cabinets for each individual job.  Scot then started working for SW Builders (Lakeshore’s sister company) for 2 years building cabinets for their company, and now he has been with Lakeshore now for 4 years building cabinets and running the shop.
  • Most of Scot’s hobbies will find him outside someplace.  You might find him hunting for white in Michigan or Illinois, or like this past year Elk hunting out West (ask to see his trophy!).  Scot and his wife enjoy camping with their daughters on weekends, or as Scot calls it “glamping” (glamorous-camping).  Let’s just say it’s not “roughing it”.  Scot and his wife also enjoy hanging out with close friends whether camping, hanging out by their pool, or spending vacation time with them.