Steve Walters

  • Steve has been working in the building industry for 35 years.   In 1996 Steve started his own building business which today is a sister company to Lakeshore Custom Cabinets (formally Lakeshore Cabinets which he purchased back in 2014).
  • Steve has been married to his wife Lisa for 25 years as of 2018, and they have three adult daughters.
  • If you ask Steve how he got started in the building industry he’ll laugh and say, “I think I always had some saw dust in my blood even as a kid.  I used to spend my Saturdays in our basement pulling wood scraps out of my dad’s burn box of wood scraps.  The room was probably about four feet wide and maybe 10 long.  It had an old 2×6 wood top work bench along one wall that had every color of paint and stain on it and every size hole in the top that was drilled through the project sitting on top of it at the time.  The left wall had my dad’s assortment of tools hanging on it, and the wall behind you while you were standing at the work bench had old baby food jars with all the assortment of screws, nails, and nuts and bolts.  That was my happy place as a kid.  I can remember back then already thinking that someday I want to build houses and have my own shop to work in”.
  • Steve, like most of his employees also enjoys being outside during our Michigan seasons.  When Steve isn’t at work in the Summer time around here you can find him out on their boat with his family cruising up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline on the weekends.  As a family they also enjoy spending time up in Northern Michigan during the all the seasons of the year whether boating in different areas of the Great Lakes during the Summer time, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing during the Winter, or hiking and hunting during the Fall color season.