The warmer weather is officially here and that means spring cleaning!  This time of year has many questioning if one more year of avoiding a dreaded cleaning task is really that big of a deal. However, we are here to remind you of a couple tasks you should’t neglect this year.

Even though you may be itching to get outside and enjoy the sun, you might not be looking forward to power washing and cleaning up your landscape. 

Let’s Focus on Your Exterior.

It’s important to remember that curb appeal not only gives you pride in your home, but also increases the potential for resale value. When you take care of your siding, lawn, landscape, decking, and roof it keeps the house from having potentials risks that could hinder it down the road.

A few of the exterior spring cleaning tasks you should complete is:

  • Edging from your lawn to driveway- not only does this help with uniformity, but it also helps with keeping your yard contained and not overgrown
  • Power washing- this cleans the house from dirt and debris that has been left from leaves or other elements
  • Clean Windows- this helps with visibility as well as minimizing potential for mold
  • Pull weeds- would you rather pull a tiny weed or a little tree? That’s all we’ve got.
  • Fresh bark or clean stone landscape- the landscape is one of the most noticeable elements of your exterior and fresh bark or stone gives a nice clean look
  • Fertilize Lawn- it’s time to feed the lawn and give it the nutrients it needs

These tasks may seem obvious or not needed, but are important to complete here in the spring before it’s too late. Are you overwhelmed by the need for spring cleaning tasks? Grab the family, your friends, or neighbors and do it together. Enjoy the sunshine and the character of the exterior of your home while making it look nice and fresh. The probability of tasks getting done greatly increases when we are with a friend.

Does the Inside Need Spring Cleaning Too?

Now that we have touched on the exterior, what about the interior of the home? The interior may seem unnecessary if you have kept up with it all winter. However, there will be some dust and dirt found when the sunshine is in full swing. In addition, the interior of the home is used more often and thus needs an extra dose of TLC every now and then. A few of the tasks to tackle should be:

  • Clean windows- similar to mentioned above, helps with visibility and limits growth of mold
  • Dust Trim- keeps it clean and looking fresh
  • Clean pantry- this not only helps during dinner time to find your condensed chicken soup but also lets you get rid of food that may attract unwanted company (bugs!)
  • Clean curtains- usually left behind, curtains need to be cleaned and dusted as well

Properly Cleaning Cabinetry, Trim and Woodwork

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be daunting. It’s a time where we can freshen up our homes and prepare for a summer of entertaining, laughter, and the outdoors. In the interior specifically, when we take care of our homes, it increases the lifespan of our woodwork and cabinetry. What does this all have to do with custom cabinetry? Well, great question! There are a few things you can do to your cabinets, trim, and woodwork to help increase the lifespan and for an updated look. Our showroom manager Becki has a few tips on how to keep your cabinetry and woodwork looking fresh and new this spring season.

To keep all cabinets looking great for years, clean spills and splatters immediately with a clean cloth; prolonged exposure to spills, food or liquids, may discolor your cabinet finish.  Never use Murphy’s Oil Soap, abrasive sponges, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, harsh detergents, ammonia solutions, glass cleaner or powdered cleaners on wood surfaces. We recommend Guardsman® Cabinet Cleaner to remove kitchen grease, cooking oil, smoke film and several kinds of stains.  To protect your wood cabinets polish them monthly, try for 3-4 times a year with wax free and silicone free polish. We recommend Guardsman® Furniture Polish.  Make sure to follow the instruction!  Dark color woods should not be polished, wipe them down with a damp cloth, no cleaning solution.  These steps will keep your wood cabinets looking beautiful for years.

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