The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home. Even if you are not a baker or enjoy cooking 4-course meals each day, chances are you still show up to this room regularly. Kitchens are for preparing, gathering, and entertaining. They are a special place that should be valued and taken care of. Many times it feels as though the kitchen shouldn’t have clutter which in turn makes the room feel uninviting and lacking character. Fortunately, there are a few pieces you can add to your kitchen to give it a personal touch and also help with giving you the counter space you need for preparing meals. There are unique ways to make a kitchen feel more at home and organized and here are a few of our recommendations.

Decorative Fruit Basket / Candy Jar

Fruit and Candy never seem to have a place of belonging in a kitchen. Sometimes the fruit ends up in the refrigerator and the candy in a random bowl in the pantry. There are alternatives to this that we recommend as you make your kitchen feel like a space you enjoy being in.

First, a decorative Fruit Basket. There are obviously fruits that need to be refrigerated and not displayed. We get it. However, there are fruits like oranges, bananas, apples, and others that work perfectly in this item. A fruit basket not only gives a place for your fruit to belong but also looks nice and classy too. We have attached a few of our favorite fruit baskets here.

Second, a decorative Candy Jar. Candy bars are various colors, shapes, and sizes and are fun to have for guests or on the go. However, many times these little sweets end up randomly placed in the pantry or a plastic bag on the counter. Our recommendation would be to find a decorative canister that fits your style where you can display the candy and also have a place for it to go. One of the classic canisters we like is this.

Kitchen-Friendly Plants

This might not have been your first guess when you’re reading a blog post on kitchen decoration and organization. However, there are so many plants that add nice greenery to your space and also provide health benefits as well. A few of our recommendations are the English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Cast Iron Plant, and White Jasmine. All of these plants come in various shapes and sizes which allow for you to place them on your window ledge, hanging by the sink, or in a corner. Be sure to do research on the ideal sun exposure and temperature to be sure you choose the right plant for your particular space.

Plants add a nice touch of greenery and peace into a kitchen space. They also have health benefits as well!

Decorative Tea Kettle

There are a variety of tea kettles to enjoy and display on your stove top.

If your kitchen seems to be lacking color or pattern, an excellent addition to your space might be a decorative tea kettle. There are many to choose from, classic, to stainless steel, to floral and bright colors. This not only adds a unique decorative piece to your kitchen but also is useable as well. Even if you don’t enjoy tea, a tea kettle can be used for various other warm beverages and for cooking as well. Check out the various colors of tea kettles you could choose from on just one particular style. h

The Importance of a Kitchen

We hope these few tips were helpful to you as you begin evaluating your kitchen space. Not only is this space used daily, but it should be a place you enjoy spending your time in with your family and loved ones. If you have any questions about your kitchen at large, cabinetry, or countertops, be sure to contact us by visiting our webpage today.