Do you have a pet and also want a well-decorated home? We are happy to say that both of these are possible! Just like which young children, homes need to be decorated and though-out with the state of life your family is in. With that being said, it’s important to note that your house does not need to be a showroom. The utmost priority is that your home is functional, and that means decorated with your family in mind, whether furry or a young child. We are here to provide 3 tips for having a family-friendly home that consider both purpose and style.

Minimal Clutter

The first step to a family-friendly home is a clutter-free home. If you are thinking that sounds impossible, hear us out! Clutter is common when a family is living life in a busy world. There is such a thing as messy clutter and organized clutter. First and foremost. Everything must have a place and space that is organized. This allows for items that would just collect on the counter or floor to go to a place that is easy to find and out of the way. Second, it is also important to have storage totes that are classic pieces of furniture that can hide miscellaneous items that would appear unorganized if left out. Following this provides your home with order and organization. Not only will this help the tidiness, but it will also help in not losing important documents or the bills.

Designated Times

In order to maintain a family-friendly and sophisticated home, it’s important to schedule in times to get the house clean and organized. Whether it be early in the morning before the family awakes, or a lunch-time practice. It just needs to happen. We recommend writing it in your calendar to stay on top of this new habit. If capable, volunteer various family members to contribute in different ways to create this dream a reality.

Remember you live there.

As an encouragement to you, remember that your home was never meant to be a space where a spill or a scratch ruined your day. A home is a place to relax and a place to live. In the midst of striving for a home of organization and sophistication, do not forget that a good home is a used home and it should look it. Strive for excellence and intentionality, but also be realistic and acknowledge the stage of life you’re in.

Kids can have fun in a clutter-free house.

Dreaming of a new Renovation?

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