Many of us enjoy decorating and making our homes express our styles and lives. Decor, paintings, and furniture are all various ways to make an empty space feel like your space. However, when we are passionate about our decorations and our space, at times it can become cluttered and look messier than decorated. In this blog post, we are here to share 3 things to stay away from while decorating your kitchen.

Lots of Decorations.

Even though decorating a kitchen can feel like you’re an interior designer for HGTV, it’s important to note that your house isn’t a magazine, it’s a place of residence. Thus, counter space is more than just displaying vases and various new appliances, it’s for spreading out cutting boards and preparing dinner. When decorating your kitchen, use the less is more approach. Remember the importance of more clutter, less counter. If your kitchen feels small, simply having less on the counters with automatically grow your kitchen by simply having a workspace. A few things that many like to keep on counters as simple yet useful decorations are cake dome covers to display the latest baked good, a kitchen aid mixer, and a nice fruit basket. A kitchen’s purpose is to prepare meals of hospitality for family and friends. Be sure your decorations help maximize that potential.


Diffusers, candles, and other scented items are desirable around the house, besides the kitchen. This particular room exudes aromas while cooking and baking and won’t particularly mesh well with scented candles or essential oils. It’s important to keep the kitchen free from various smells so that you’re able to enjoy your meals in the oven and also to notice when something could potentially be burning.


Life is busy and our homes many times show it with piles on the island, papers stuffed in a drawer or random items in a drawer. Thus, it’s important to keep clutter to a minimum, especially in the kitchen. This not only provides a clean slate to work on but also keeps the area safe from hazard. Find ways to properly store and file personal items so that you can find them when you need them. Every item needs a home in your home. Be sure to find one outside of your kitchen.

Kitchen Ready for an Upgrade?

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