The home is a special place. It not only offers a home base after a long workday, but it provides a space to tell your family’s story. Whether you have a house full of kids and busy schedules or you’re retired, home is a place that needs to be valued and cherished. In this blog post we would like to give 3 ways you can change up any space in your house without breaking the bank.

Wall Decor

This might sound obvious, so get ready for it… every room has wall space. Yes, we said this. Because of this one fact, wall space provides us with opportunities to share our story in paintings, picture frames, shelves, and other hanging art. Wall Decor not only can display a theme or a mood you would like a room to exude, but it also provides a way to display your priorities and story.

wall decor

Plant Decor

If you have a green thumb or not, plants (real or fake) are an excellent way to freshen up space with natural color. Plants have so many various colors and sizes you are sure to find one that can fit your space well. When purchasing plants, we recommend purchasing a variety of sizes and styles. This allows for your space to not feel predictable, rather unique. Consider using multiple of the same pot or baskets for placing the plants in once purchased. This unifies the plants even though they are all different shapes and sizes.

plant decor

End Table Decor

Many people underestimate the power of simplicity in decorating their homes, and this includes the coffee table or end tables in your home. Consider placing a book that is important to your family or a picture frame of a loved one with a coaster and a tabletop lamp. Using colorful accents are another way to make the tables look fun and unique. 

end table decor

Interested in more improvements than just decor?

Here at Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, we believe custom cabinetry and furniture are excellent ways to create the space of your dreams. Are you interested in learning more about us? Visit our contact form here learn more.

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