November is officially upon us and which means decorating for the holidays is not far away. There are many who absolutely love to decorate their homes with holiday cheer and charm. However, for many of us, decorating can lead to headaches, lack of motivation, and dread. The holidays were never meant to add this stress and pressure, rather to enjoy family gatherings and the reason for the season. We are here give you three ways to make decorating for the holidays enjoyable and also nice for your pocketbook. 

Consider using colors that are already in your home.

We are sure you have seen a family member take down every decoration in their home to replace it with all-things-Christmas. On December 26, the individual takes down everything again to bring back up the ‘year-round’ decorations. We are here to give you an alternative. Figure out what your currently color palate in each room or in your home at large. Buy cute accent pieces that fit that color scheme. This not only allows for you to not have to take down all of your current decorations, but they will also fit better with the curtains, paintings, and patterns you have throughout your home that you do not take down come Christmastime. Consider buying decorations that can be used through Christmas as well as the winter months so that you can enjoy the accent pieces more than just a month as well.

Don’t feel like every room needs to be decorated.

Many times we put pressure on ourselves to feel as though our homes need to be decorated from head-to-toe. This doesn’t have to be the case. Replace artificial plants in pots with Christmas flowers or stuffers. Remember, a simple strand of Christmas lights can go a long way. A simple snowman or accent sign can be all you need to make a room have a little holiday spirit. Don’t feel as though each room needs a Christmas tree, tinsel, and a nativity scene. Generally, less is more.

Only Decorate with your Favorite Pieces.

It’s common that family members many times give us decoration pieces for the holidays we simply do not like. Or maybe an in-style accent item was nice in the 1980s but looks outdated now. If you don’t like the piece, don’t use it. Cluttering your home with Christmas items that you don’t enjoy not only makes dusting an even more dreaded chore, but you won’t appreciate the hard work you contributed while decorating.

Interested in more than just decorating?

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