With just a blink of an eye, we went from Halloween to the month of December. It’s hard to believe the holidays are officially upon us, but what a wonderful time it is to be surrounded by those we love and remember the reason for the season. In this blog post, we are going to give three ways that can help you host a wonderful Christmas party without breaking the bank.

Appetizers and Snacks

When hosting a Christmas party in your home or in a gathering hall, it’s important to note the experience you’d like your guests to take part in. Appetizers and snacks are an excellent way of showing hospitality towards your guests as they enter and are getting comfortable at your gathering. Rest assured, these snacks do not have to be lobster or a fancy punch. Consider selecting a cheese and cracker tray, with little holiday candies or chocolate-dipped pretzels with hot chocolate and coffee. These simple gestures, not only make your guests feel appreciated, but it also extends the invite that you were expecting them and are glad that they are there.

Enough Seating

We bet there has been a gathering that you attended that ran out of seating during the holiday season. Playing musical chairs at a Christmas gathering in order to find a spot to sit makes a guest feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. Be sure to always plan on five extra places to sit and about three extra table-settings in case you have a late addition.

Ice Breaker Activity

Our final recommendation as you are prepping to host a party during the holidays is to have an ice breaker activity. Even if your gathering is simply a small family group, it is always good to get your guests smiling, laughing, and mingling with those at your party. This allows for any tension, uncomfortable circumstances, or a single guest to feel at home and welcome with the group.

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