It’s hard to believe Christmas is officially behind us and that we are now in 2020! As we take down Christmas decorations and get back into a rhythm of a new season.  This time of year can leave us feeling unmotivated to do anything with the house decor. In this blog post, we are here to provide three helpful ideas on how to give a whimsical winter feeling in your home without having to spend significant time or money.

Cool Color Palette and Wood Tones

Nothing describes winter more than a cool color palette of sage, gray, and light brown. These are excellent colors to include in throw pillows & blankets, signage, or other decorations. When these colors are incorporated, it gives off a natural, woodland, and cozy vibe that you and your family are sure to love. Consider what your home’s color palette is currently, and use that to your advantage.

Whicker or Burlap Accents

Accents are a wonderful way to incorporate a consistent theme as well as give texture and style to spaces. While you are decorating your home, consider adding or accentuating burlap or whicker textures into your winter wonderland. Both of these accents are natural, light-toned, and give wonderful dimension and character to any space. Consider adding a few wicker baskets for storage in your living space and find some burlap accents to include on your shelves or entertainment center.

Snowmen and Greenery

Finally, consider including snowmen decorations throughout your home. Snowmen are not only cute and fun, but they also incorporate a nice winter element to your space. Find snowmen decorations that have a winter color palette that you can enjoy at Christmastime and in the winter months. In addition, greenery in plants (live or artificial) is another wonderful way to bring the woodland winter style in your home that can be enjoyed with your winter decor and also throughout the entire year.

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