Has your furniture and decorations been in the same spot for countless years? Does your room seem to lack creativity and style? It’s common after living in a home for a while that our space may become less than exciting and appear to lack the style we long to have. In this blog post, we are here to provide three ways to find motivation in decorating your space.

New Decorations

Our first recommendation in finding a new way to decorate your space is to update it with new decor items. Find a candlestick set or a classic antique clock. Update your picture frames with recent pictures. In addition, consider replacing wall art with an updated painted canvas or favorite quote. Also, adding small staggered shelves to a bare wall that you can change decorations items throughout the year. These little details add interest and purpose to the space and will draw you into the area. All of these are excellent and budget-friendly ways to help your space feel fresh again.

Updated Lamps & Draperies

After living in a space for some time, it’s not always obvious why we no longer enjoy a particular room. Consider updating your light fixtures such as table lamps or bowl lights. In addition, changing out your draperies or window coverings is another excellent option. Finding drapes with updated linens and rods add a nice new feature to any room of the home, and will also help the space have a new feel for you.

Custom Cabinetry or Furniture

Sometimes a space simply needs a WOW piece of furniture or cabinet. It’s important to consider sizing and purpose when dreaming about custom cabinetry or custom furniture in your space. Custom Cabinetry can come in many forms such as an entertainment center, coffee/end tables, bookshelves and much more. Not only can we provide these items for you, but we can customize them because WE BUILD THEM. This allows you the freedom to dream about the cabinetry or furniture item that is best for you in the space you dream of and we can make that happen with our custom cabinetry experts.

We are Here.

It’s no surprise that we specialize in custom cabinetry and furniture, but we would love to come alongside you and build your dream for your perfect space. Contact us here for a free consultation.

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