Do you struggle with staying on top of your to-do list and housework? Oftentimes it’s very easy to fall behind and not keep up on our tasks because the list becomes long and looks overwhelming. Staying motivated in housework takes discipline and intentionality as we do our best to help our homes succeed. We are here today to provide you with three practical ways to stay motivated in completing your housework.

A Task A Day

Do you find a long list of weekly chores unreachable and overwhelming? Try spreading out your weekly and monthly tasks. This not only allows for the list to be smaller, but the tasks to remain doable even when you have had a long day. Vacuuming may be more doable after a workday than trying to pump it out with all your other chores on Saturday morning. This, in turn makes the tasks more fun and can be seen as an opportunity to stay active as well. We recognize this schedule isn’t for everyone, but it does help many who live busy lives or simply aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to housework.

Schedule Out Seasonal Tasks

We all have tasks around the house that are not completed every week but need to be accomplished on an occasional basis. These tasks are usually time-consuming and irregular which makes it challenging to stay on top of. Our recommendation is to use a calendar to schedule out seasonal tasks for the weeks in which they need to be completed. This allows you to not only stay organized, but to remember activities that could be forgotten since not completed often.

Turn it into Something you Love

Finally, and most importantly, turn housework into something you love. Once the mundane task turns into something enjoyable, our entire perspective can change. Consider turning on your favorite music, have a favorite snack on the counter while working, or encourage the entire family to participate and turn cleaning into a fun game. No matter how you make your housework more enjoyable, you will begin finding motivation in completing these tasks and having fun at the same time.

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