Back to school and new routines give us the opportunity to start fresh and begin new schedules and habits. Do you struggle with finding motivation to stay disciplined and check things off your to-do list? New seasons provide excellent opportunities to take a reset and begin making a change. What better time than now, as we prepare for the fall, to adapt new patterns in our lives? Here are our top 5 ways to be productive this fall.

Write it Down

Our first recommendation is to write down your to-do’s, priorities, and anything that you would like to incorporate into your day. This may be tasks such as occupational work, household tasks, or errands. It is important to have all of your tasks in one location. This will allow you to remember what you need to do as well as mix and match your tasks to give variety to your day.

Prioritize To-Do’s

Next, it is important to prioritize your to-do’s ineffective orders at strategic times. Even if you are organized with writing your tasks down, it is important to prioritize them in an order that is thought-out and specialized in suiting your productivity-style best. What do we mean by this? Consider putting the longer, less-appealing tasks towards the beginning of the day so that they are accomplished and do not weigh on you. In the afternoon, consider adding a more enjoyable task after lunch and tackle a few more to-dos before the end of the day.

Designated Times for Productivity

When are you most productive? First thing or later in the day? Knowing your peak for productivity is crucial to make the most of your day. We recommend starting your day off with something enjoyable and also something that helps get your mind thinking or body moving. This could be reading a book or taking a short walk. Knowing your peak in productivity will help you accomplish tasks efficiently and give you motivation to continue moving forward with the next task at hand.

Designated Times for Breaks

Similarly, it is important to have designated breaks throughout your day. When we have breaks at strategic times, it helps give us motivation to continue to be effective at our other tasks. A break should be about 15 minutes and puts your current attention in a different place. We recommend one break for every 2 hours of work.

Day of Rest

In the Bible, God emphasizes the importance of a rest day by setting an example for us. Hard work is important but intentional, life-giving rest is also needed for us to grow and flourish. We recommend having set aside time to rest, grow, and thrive. When we have a set day or time once a week to rest and rejuvenate, we will be more productive in our work.

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